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Monsters in the Deep Cosmos

There are many enduring mysteries in astrophysics that challenge our theoretical understanding of different phenomena, are understood through careful observation or simulation, then become deep mysteries again when new data conspires to reveal some heretofore ignored or misunderstood aspect of … Continue reading

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Measuring the inspiral of double white dwarfs

For almost 40 years, the de facto indirect evidence for the existence of gravitational waves has been precision measurements of the slow orbital inspiral of the Hulse-Taylor binary pulsar (PSR B1913+16). The slow loss of orbital energy and resultant shrinking … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gravity is Talking.  Gravitational wave astronomy is still a fledgling observational science, and like all new branches of scientific exploration grows in bursts and non-linear jumps. This has particularly been the case over the past two years with … Continue reading

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